Aabco Backflow LLC - TREEO Certification # BA-08-13-8328

I am certified by the Birmingham Water Works and the University of Florida Training, Research and Education for Environmental Occupations to do backflow inspections, backflow repairs, and backflow testing. We offer Backflow Inspections for $49.95 which is much lower than anyone else. Some companies charge as much as $350.00 to test your backflow device. They do no better job than us they just have a lot of overhead. We do the same thing the other guys do and even more.

We will complete your backflow test, fill out the test report and email the report to the Birmingham Water Works and you. We will keep you in our data base and notify you annually when it is time to do your next test.

Backflow devices protect our drinking by water by preventing lawn sprinkler water, swimming pool water, boiler water, etc,from getting into our water supply. They fail at the rate of 3% because they have rubber and plastic moving parts inside them. These parts move every time you turn your water on. Another common cause of failure is trash getting in them from a main water break or repair. If the device fails we will let the customer know and see if they want us to make the repair for them. Repairs must be made by a Journeyman Plumber. The Birmingham Water Works requires that your device be working properly.