Aabco Backflow LLC

If you would like to request a test of your backflow device please complete the form below. Please scan and email us the letter that your received from the Birmingham Water Works and your last year's test report. If we come to your home and find no backflow device there is still a $49.95 charge. We charge $59.95 for businesses. Like most companies we do not drive to your home for free. Read your letter from the BWWB very carefully since some letters are requesting that you have a backflow preventer installed. It is the homeowners responsibility to know where the backflow device is located. After we receive the information we will do your test at the next available appointment and call you with the time.

You must give us permission to turn your water off for up to 5 minutes for the test. You should have all water sources in your home turned off during the test. Most people leave a check in an envelope taped to their front door for payment. We must receive payment before we turn in your backflow report to the Birmingham Water Works. If you have waited until you received your second letter or final letter from the Birmingham Water Works we work you in as fast as we can. We will phone the Birmingham Water Works to let him know that we are doing your backflow testing asap.


1. Complete the request form below.

2. If you do not want to complete the form you may email the letter you received from the water works to us

3. After receiving your request we will contact you and let you kow when will will do the test.

4. If you will not be home during testing leave a check in an envelope taped to your front door.

5. After testing and payment is made we will email your test report to the water works and you.

Request Form

  • Located on letter from Birmingham Water Works

  • Located on letter from Birmingham Water Works

  • On your last year's report

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